Trig TMA44 and TMA45 Audio Panels

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Trig Audio Panels have a superior user interface and features that will make every flight a sound performance.


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The TMA44 and TMA45 audio panels work seamlessly with Trig stack products, they combine practical features and great value. Both panels support IFR and VFR flight and will also operate with a wide selection of existing legacy avionics.
Trig audio panels enable simple control of all your navigation, communication and entertainment choices – benefiting from Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ philosophy. The result – a logical and high quality interface that’s easier to use, with features pilots and passengers really appreciate.

TMA44 – Standard Panel
Mono – audio inputs for phone / music
Smooth fade feature
Simple user interface – easy to use
Dedicated buttons for ADF and DME functions
Marker beacon receiver – with indicators
Supports 2-4 seats
Great value for fleet operators and flight schools
The great value panel that covers all the bases IFR/VFR
The TMA44 equips you for navigation and IFR flight, with switched inputs for; Nav 1, Nav 2, ADF, Aux and DME. An illuminated marker beacon for ILS approaches adds visual cues to marker audio tones. All switchgear has a positive feel, with adjustable panel illumination for a great user experience day or night.
The TMA44 has two additional unswitched inputs included for audio alerts, such as stall or undercarriage warnings. The option of playing music via two custom inputs is enhanced by the TMA44’s ‘smooth fade’ feature. This automatically adjusts music levels to ensure vital radio information is always clearly received.
Product Installation
The unit deploys an industry standard 44 pin connector allowing a simple retro-fit with older audio panels and is designed to fit into a standard avionics rack. The TMA44 is a popular choice for GA aircraft owners looking to enhance their audio system, getting core functionality in a cost effective package.

TMA45 – Superior Panel

Stereo – full support for Bluetooth – phone / music
High quality audio processing – TDNR and TAM
Superior user interface – simple operation
Dedicated buttons for ADF and DME functions
Marker beacon receiver – with indicators
Support 2-6 seats
Plug and play retro-fit for the GMA 340
Bluetooth and stereo – make every flight a sound performance

Hosting 2-6 seats the TMA45 has industry leading Trig Digital Noise Reduction (TDNR). By automatically selecting the optimum level of squelch and mic threshold TDNR reduces cockpit noise. This improves your audio environment; it aids pilot concentration and combats fatigue. Our Superior panel also features Trig Active Mute (TAM) this further removes unwanted background noise from radio static, producing class leading audio quality.

By creating a more comfortable audio environment you are best placed to enjoy the TMA45’s stereo music entertainment and mobile phone connectivity. Integrated Bluetooth allows two portable electronic devices to be connected providing stereo music and communication options – it’s the preferred solution for discerning pilots who want to stay connected.
Product installation

The TMA45 is designed to fit in a standard avionics rack, it has two connectors and is a plug and play retrofit for the GMA340.