The complete digital panel for under $8,000 with auto pilot integration!

Evolution E5 EFI, Analog Converter Unit (ACU), EA100 digital auto pilot adapter, and E5 advanced features including standard HSI for just $7,995!

Now Through August 31, 2020.

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This bundle completes the digital transformation of steam gauge panels for both IFR and VFR operations for just $7,995!  Plus, owners can remove analog back up gyros and typically the vacuum system for a clean, and highly capable panel that provides a new level of situational awareness and COMPLETE AUTO PILOT INTEGRATION.

The Evolution E5 EFI, with Analog Converter Unit (ACU), EA100 Digital Autopilot Adapter, and the new E5 advanced features including OAT, TAS, wind direction and speed and GPS annunciations presents a seamless panel transformation that’s the most affordable in the industry.