TA202 High Power USB Charging Port Single or Double

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Refer to the Chart below for the specific Part Number you require.

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Model #: TA202

Single/Dual High Power USB Charging Port

Refer to the following Chart for all options of the TA202 USB Charging Port:

Part Number Power Input USB Connector Lighting
6430202-1 Rear Connector Dual Type-A/Type-C Unlit
6430202-2 Bottom Connector Dual Type-A/Type-C Unlit
6430202-3 Rear Connector Dual Type-C/Type-C Unlit
6430202-4 Bottom Connector Dual Type-C/Type-C Unlit
6430202-5 Rear Connector Dual Type-A/Type-A Unlit
6430202-6 Bottom Connector Dual Type-A/Type-A Unlit
6430202-7 Rear Connector Single Type-C Unlit
6430202-8 Bottom Connector Single Type-C Unlit
6430202-9 Rear Connector Single Type-A Unlit
6430202-10 Bottom Connector Single Type-A Unlit
6430202-11 Rear Connector Dual Type-A/Type-C Lit
6430202-12 Bottom Connector Dual Type-A/Type-C Lit
6430202-13 Rear Connector Dual Type-C/Type-C Lit
6430202-14 Bottom Connector Dual Type-C/Type-C Lit
6430202-15 Rear Connector Dual Type-A/Type-A Lit
6430202-16 Bottom Connector Dual Type-A/Type-A Lit
6430202-17 Rear Connector Single Type-C Lit
6430202-18 Bottom Connector Single Type-C Lit
6430202-19 Rear Connector Single Type-A Lit
6430202-20 Bottom Connector Single Type-A Lit
Manufactured by Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics for True Blue Power