Garmin GTX 35R Remote Mount Transponder with installation kit(Experimental)

(usd) 2,625.00

Complete ADS-B Solution for Experimental Aircraft



Advanced ADS-B “Out” Solution for Experimental Aircraft

  • Integrates with G3XTM series flight displays for fingertip control and squawk code entry
  • Satisfies NextGen requirement for ADS-B “Out” when paired with a GPS position source
  • Provides 1090 MHz ES (Extended Squitter) output for operations at any altitude, in airspace around the world
  • Simplifies installation with remote-mount design that saves panel space
  • Offers low power consumption and enhanced reliability

For nearly 20 years, Garmin has led the development and deployment of various ADS-B projects, and we’ve optimized our ADS-B solutions for experimental amateur-built and light sport aircraft. The GTX 35R ADS-B transponder integrates with Garmin G3X and G3XTM Touch to provide you quick, cost-effective and powerful ADS-B “Out” capabilities you can control through your flight display.

ADS-B Integration

This simple, elegant solution meets the Dec. 31, 2019, requirements for ADS-B “Out.” Offering a 1090 MHz ES “Out” signal that meets worldwide requirements for flight at any altitude, GTX 35R interfaces easily with your G3X series flight display and a GTNTM 650 or GTN 750 navigator, a GNS™ 430W or GNS G530W series navigator or a GPS 20A ADS-B position source. This automatically outputs more accurate — and more useful — traffic surveillance data to ATC, including aircraft flight ID, position, altitude, velocity, climb/descent and heading information.

And by simultaneously broadcasting this information to ADS-B “In” display-equipped pilots, GTX 35R enables them to essentially see the same traffic picture for their location that ATC views on the ground.

Installation Ease

As a remote-mounted transponder, GTX 35R makes installation easy, saves you valuable panel space in your experimental or light sport aircraft and integrates seamlessly into your flight deck. Manage squawk code entry and transponder control with only a few touches of your G3X series flight display.

Plus, it’s an all solid-state design, which makes for lower power consumption and enhanced reliability, compared to earlier-generation transponder technology. GTX 35R uses the GSU 25 Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) for IFR altitude-encoding information.

With more fielded ADS-B solutions than anyone else in the industry, Garmin is making the ADS-B transition simple, beneficial and affordable for everyone — regardless of what type of aircraft you fly, where you fly or what you have in the panel.