DC PRO-X2 Dual Ear, Dual Plug, ENC (Bluetooth)

(usd) 745.00

Chosen by pilots around the world, the David Clark headsets are both cost effective and reliable.


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The DC PRO-X2 is the first, true ‘crossover’ headset in aviation – ideal for both general aviation and commercial pilots that prefer the unmatched comfort of a lightweight, rest-on-ear design. The next generation DC PRO-X2 Series retains all the comfort and performance features of the original, pilot-acclaimed DC PRO-X headsets; now with enhanced ANR and audio performance.
The headset features excellent Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancelling and Bluetooth® wireless audio for pairing with cell phones, tablets, music players and other Bluetooth® compatible devices. DC PRO-X2 headsets come with a 30-day, Fly it Free, money back guarantee and 5-year warranty.

Enhanced Auto-Shutoff feature virtually eliminates accidental loss of battery power
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for optimum ANR performance in changing, high noise conditions
Soft, Outlast® technology, heat absorbing head pad keeps you cool and comfortable in flight
Hybrid ENC technology for excellent active noise reduction
Plush, rest-on-ear (supra aural), leatherette ear seals reduce heat buildup
Rugged, yet lightweight alloy suspension, less than 8 ounces
Compact control module with intuitive, multi-function control pad
Bluetooth® wireless audio
FAA TSO-C139a Approved