Bendix King AeroPoint Engine Monitor

AeroPoint 200 and 300 Engine Monitor

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AeroPoint 200 Engine Data Monitoring for Single Engine Aircraft

The AeroPoint 200 is an advanced and accurate high-resolution engine monitor for single engine aircraft. TSO’d as a primary instrument, this replaces many of your old engine gauges, and can be installed in portrait and landscape mode to best utilize your existing panel space. The display can be completely customized to display the data you need to see. The proven technology acts as an on-board engineer, and displays a menu of critical and informational parameters for a variety of engines and aircraft.

AeroPoint 300 Engine Data Monitoring for Twin Engine Aircraft

AeroPoint 300 is a unique high-resolution single-display engine data management system available for twin-engine aircraft. With a single Data Aquisition Unit (DAU) per engine this means only 2 wires running back to your cockpit. The system comes with a built-in learning procedure for leaning and offers detailed diagnostic information in a timely and useful format. AeroPoint 300 monitors everything from engine temperatures to voltages 4 times a second and will warn you if any parameter exceeds the programmed limit.

Operates in the background with continuous monitoring during the flight, without any pilot interaction and warns you when any parameter exceeds the programmed limit. Perform LOP and ROP operations with ease using the built-in proprietary software.

Save money by starting preventive engine maintenance by pulling tracked flight and engine data directly from the unit via USB. AeroPoint uses single DAUs to cut down on wiring to minimize install time.

Easy-to-mount system can be mounted in either landscape or portrait mode and is configurable for all of your engine diagnostic and monitoring needs. The extensive standard feature list replaces your old engine gauges and offers additional options for turbine operators.

Standard Features
Pre-wired harness for all functions
VGA display
Manifold air pressure
Exhaust gas temperature
Cylinder head temperature
Outside air temperature (C or F)
Oil temperature replaces factory sender
Oil pressure
Fuel Flow, GPH, FloScan 201 or 231 transducer
Estimated fuel used
Estimated time to empty
Amp-1 with 100 amp Shunt
Percent horsepower
Data recording of all engine parameters with GPS position
USB memory stick 1 GB/ Recording
LOP and ROP algorithm
Trend charting software
3 year warranty

Turbine inlet temperature (1 or 2)
Fuel pressure non turbocharged engine
Fuel pressure Upper/Lower deck turbocharged
Pressure carburetor extra fuel flow transducer
Frequency type fuel level senders 2 or 4 tanks
Second volts or amps
Compressor discharge temperature
Induction air temperature
Carburetor temperature
Carbon Monoxide Detector