AERO 454-201 Remote Mount CO Detector with Bluetooth

Remote CO Detector with GPS Location Output and Cabin Pressure Warning.

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The AERO 454 Remote mount carbon monoxide detector with built-in Bluetooth® receives data from your airplane’s panel mounted GPS. It wirelessly transmits your GPS location to your iPad or iPhone.

Up to three devices may be used at one time. So there are no more worries regarding lost GPS signal due to banking, heated windshields and passengers in the back of the cabin asking, “Are we there yet?”.

The unit integrates with Garmin GPS receivers 430, 530, GNS650, GNS750, G900, G1000 and Bendix King KLN89, KLN90B, KLN94. Users can monitor their flight (Altitude, latitude and longitude) using apps such as WingX Pro7™, Garmin Pilot™, ForeFlight™, Jeppesen™, eKneeboard™, and Google Maps. It works with any APP that uses the Apple Standard GPS location Protocol.

The AERO 454 is designed to detect, measure, and provide alerts to the crew of reciprocating engine type aircraft before the cockpit level of carbon monoxide (CO) reachesa critical level. In addition it provides a cabin altitude warning at 10K, 12.5K and 14K feet.

The unit has passed all mandatory functional and quality checks as prescribed by the FAA and has been awarded TSO certification.